Writing Assignment

April 27th, 2011

Daily Shoot Haiku

By, Kevin Boilard

Boy, I am hungry.

Let’s see what is in the fridge.

Nothing, like always.

Emily Dickinson: Comedy Version!

April 20th, 2011

Okay, so everyone knows that Emily Dickinson’s poems are all rather dark, dismal, and depressing. After reading Chris Randles’ Overly-Dramatic Reading assignment posted under Audio assignments, I had the idea to read Emily Dickinson’s “There’s Been A Death In The Opposite House”. My goal was to read it while laughing to make it sound like I was recalling a funny story, when in reality, what I’m saying is rather morbid. So, did I do a good job? Listen for yourself!

Dickinson Comedy Version


April 20th, 2011

Dear future 106er:

Welcome to ds106, prepare yourself for one hell of a ride. I took this class online rather than face-to-face so I would assume my letter applies more to the former than the latter. Well, if you are taking this online I strongly suggest you manage your time wisely. Create a schedule for yourself. Set aside time a few days a week to work on the assignments due that week. Not having a scheduled class makes it easy to forget about ds106! Also, professor Groom is very helpful in his office. You won’t be able to figure everything out on your own the first time. You WILL need help sometimes. Go to him and he will get you out of a jam. Make sure you comment on other ds106er’s blogs, that was the hardest part for me. Try to do it everyday after all it feels good to get reinforcement, especially positive. Anyway, good luck and I hope you enjoy the class as much as I did!

Kevin Boilard

Fandom Assignment

April 20th, 2011

I used to love the Ziggy cartoons in the sunday paper every week. I decided to find some Ziggy cartoons in google images and i found a couple that I would be able to change the dialogue. One of which I was even able to relate to ds106. Enjoy!!

Design Assignment: Nickname Poster (feat. Sean Dacey)

April 18th, 2011


April 15th, 2011


Check it out I hope you enjoy!




Wake up kids it’s time for your classes

Hop outta bed and put on your glasses

but don’t leave your room because the fact is

ds106 is fantastic


listen girls and boys

I’m about to make some noise

I wanna talk about a class that I enjoy

Digital storytelling

That’s what I’m yelling

If it were a stock you know it’d be selling

You can take it online

Or in the room

Everybody’s gotta follow Jim Groom!

He’ll get you into twitter

He’ll get you into flick’r

He’ll get you into anything on the inter-

Networking devices are essential

Make sure you reach your full potential

Open your eyes to the cyber web

There are plenty of stories waiting to be read

Hold on this isn’t your average story

Looks like Paper pages got too boring

We’re way past the days of AOL

Let’s get started type that URL



It all started when we had to make a blog

And I was unfamiliar, I was in a fog

But step by step directions made it all clearer

Made my destination point seem a lot nearer

All I had to do was make a domain name

That’s when dustyzeigler became my claim to fame

Before I jumped into my own assignments

I had to read up to get proper alignments

I read a bunch or articles to open my mind

To digital storytelling and then I find

Myself back on the web and I’m bloggin my thoughts

Thinking you read it all? probably not

I remember when I figured it all out

I knew all the things I wanted to post about



Man my first post seems so long ago

Time flies by semester’s all over yo

Audio, visual, combination mash ups

This is a class you just can’t pass up


El Mashup

April 12th, 2011

Alright so I finished my mashup a little early. This turned out way better than I expected it to sound when I originally did it so i hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

I tried to make a single song pulling from two completely opposite sides of the spectrum, two completely different eras and make them one. Isn’t that the whole point of mashups anyway?

I used Frank Sinatra’s instrumental of “My Way” which is probably his most popular song and sort of embodies his career as a whole. This song is grandiose with beautiful slow moving instrumentals.

Overtop of it I put an a capella version of Tupac’s “My Block”, a song that talks about where he’s come from and what he’s been through… see the similarity?

I attempted to bring these two masters of their respective genre’s together to send a single message. I call it, “On My Block, I Did It My Way”. Enjoy!


Final Project Update #3

April 10th, 2011

Lyrics are complete! the song looks to be about 2:45. I’m working on memorizing the words so it doesn’t sound like i’m reading them off. i tweaked the instrumental a bit. expect for the final ds106rap to be recorded and uploaded by the end of the week!

My Favorite Mashup

April 10th, 2011

Well, if you’ve gone to a college party lately then you’ve probably heard dubstep before. For those of you who don’t know what dubstep is, it’s an emerging genre of electronic dance music that originated in London. It usually has a wobbly bass and minimal vocals. In my opinion, it’s a pretty scary genre of music. The reason i bring up dubstep is because it’s a genre that the majority of it’s songs are remixes of pop songs. I enjoy dubstep mostly because i hate most pop songs and the dubstep versions of these songs give them an edgy more exciting sound. So i suppose my favorite mashup or remix is probably just the dubstep genre as a whole. Here are some of my favorite dubstep songs:

Final Project Update #2

April 7th, 2011

To keep everyone updated on my final project (and the much anticipated) DS106RAP I thought i’d let everyone know how the progress of the song is coming along. As of right now I have completed the instrumentals. To answer Jim Groom’s question (and if anyone else was wondering) I am using the loops provided by Apple’s Garageband program. I like using that program, I’m familiar with it and have used it so many times to make my own songs by myself or with my friends. I have about half the lyrics completed. No vocals recorded yet. I debated on whether or not to release the instrumental right now but I thought why not, as long as I’m not giving away the lyrics!


ds106rap instrumental