UMW's Own Jimmy Ford: Rap King

20 year old sophomore, Jimmy Ford, is an up and coming rapper from Woodbridge, VA. He debuted in 2009, releasing a mixtape as a rap duo named Brofest with Dylan Fant aka DJ Fantastic. Fant mostly created and mixed the tracks while Ford did most of the rapping and almost all of the writing. The group’s identity of relaxing beach rap was solidified by the most popular song on the mixtape “Summertime Chillin'”. Brofest received little attention at first but in the spring of 2010 the two changed their group name to Vapor Skyy and the change resulted in more attention. In the summer of 2010 they released their first mixtape under their new alias named “The Chronicles Of Gnarnia”. The song “Another Dimension” off the mixtape was featured on the new music section of Since the summer Ford has released 12 single demos and remixes on his youtube page. Ford’s most popular single is his remix of Wiz Khalifa’s popular song “Black And Yellow”. The song was uploaded on October 15th, 2010 and has since gotten 140,500+ views.

J4 (solo) youtube page:

Vapor Skyy youtube page:

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