I’m having trouble putting links into my posts. Can anyone help me?


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  1. kboilard says:

    Figured it out! Thank you very much for the help!

  2. Are you trying to link a word so that when you click on the word it opens another page? If yes, there is a symbol that looks like two circles linking together in the tool box on wordpress posts. If you click that while highlighting a word, you can set it up to link. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

  3. samiam says:

    Ok, I’m not good at explaining step by step processes to just bear with me and I’ll try to explain it. At least I’ll explain the way I do it and it’s worked for me so far. So you log on to your dashboard first. Then you want to click on add new post. Now, what I do, rather than having the link be an actual address is I make it a word. For example, “Click here to see my 5 card flickr story” here the word “here” is the actual link. To do this, first type what you want it to say, then highlight the word(s) you want to show up as the link. After you’ve done that there is a button right above the textbox but below the title that it blue and says link. Click that, with the words still highlighted, and a box will pop up where you need to input the url address for the link. Enter that and hit the okay button. And that’s it. It should work.