Final Project Update #1

I picked out a loop that i want to use for the beat of my rap that i’m doing for my final project. i used two different beats so far (one for the chorus and one for the verses) and i may add another one for a bridge if i get that far. my next step is to pick some loops for a simple melody to make the song catchy and for continuity. i want this to sound like an early 90’s rap song. i love how cheesy they sound between the simple computer generated beats in addition to the extremely simple lyrics. great for making a catchy informational rap like i am.

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  1. Jim says:

    Sounds interesting, keep the updates coming. Where are the beats? Can we hear them? What is your process? Are you using a particular software? Can we get a glimpse into how and why you are doing this song? That is really what this project demands, and given the little time left, I encourage you to step up the final project as quickly as possible.