Dear future 106er:

Welcome to ds106, prepare yourself for one hell of a ride. I took this class online rather than face-to-face so I would assume my letter applies more to the former than the latter. Well, if you are taking this online I strongly suggest you manage your time wisely. Create a schedule for yourself. Set aside time a few days a week to work on the assignments due that week. Not having a scheduled class makes it easy to forget about ds106! Also, professor Groom is very helpful in his office. You won’t be able to figure everything out on your own the first time. You WILL need help sometimes. Go to him and he will get you out of a jam. Make sure you comment on other ds106er’s blogs, that was the hardest part for me. Try to do it everyday after all it feels good to get reinforcement, especially positive. Anyway, good luck and I hope you enjoy the class as much as I did!

Kevin Boilard

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