Emily Dickinson: Comedy Version!

Okay, so everyone knows that Emily Dickinson’s poems are all rather dark, dismal, and depressing. After reading Chris Randles’ Overly-Dramatic Reading assignment posted under Audio assignments, I had the idea to read Emily Dickinson’s “There’s Been A Death In The Opposite House”. My goal was to read it while laughing to make it sound like I was recalling a funny story, when in reality, what I’m saying is rather morbid. So, did I do a good job? Listen for yourself!

Dickinson Comedy Version

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2 Responses to “Emily Dickinson: Comedy Version!”

  1. Tim says:

    I agree with Jim’s comments; focusing in on different parts of the poem will add variety and interest. Give it some….OOOOMMPPHHHH!

  2. Jim says:

    I really like the idea of reading Emily Dickinson as comedic—it flies in the face of just about how any one else would read her. But I think focusing in on those lines that could be funny—like the mattress and the priest with the boys might make the comedy of the poem stand out more rather than treat the whole thing as laughable.