Video Essay Assignment

April 2nd, 2011


Remixes and Mashups

April 1st, 2011

After reading Melanie Mcbride’s post about remixes I’m still not completely sold on them. I do agree with her that they take a lot of time and hard work to create. They also require a great deal of skill and knowledge of how to create a remix so in that case i would consider it an art. Interestingly enough I’m watching a re-run of todays Nat’s opening day game and i heard the announcer say “the art of pitching”. I would agree that pitching is an art. Personally, I believe that any skill that is refined enough to produce a creation that causes a viewer/listener to be in awe or amazement should be considered an art. However, I don’t feel like remixes are completely justified like Mcbride thinks. Mcbride says that remixes take one person’s music and change it around to give it a different meaning, so it’s not plagiarism. She’s right and wrong. She’s right that it’s not plagiarism. Let’s just say, for example, I have a homework assignment that says describe in one paragraph: an elephant, a speedboat and a church. Say I don’t know what any of these things are. What do I do? Look them up in an encyclopedia and rewrite what i read in my own words. Is it plagiarism? No, it’s written in my own words. Is it my own original thoughts and insight? No, not at all, it’s a recreation of what I absorbed from another source. What also grinds my gears a bit is that Mcbride says that the remixes change the meaning to fit the message that the artist is attempting to convey. A common misconception is that art must have a deeper meaning. This brings me back to my baseball pitcher example. The pitcher’s skill is considered the “art of pitching”, however, he’s not trying to convey some hidden message through the way he throws the ball. Some things just need to be learned to be appreciated at face value… like pitching and remixes. I like what Brian Lamb said in his article about Mashups being an Assault of Originality, I don’t think enough people consider this. But then Lamb said that you shouldn’t worry about it, learn to love the Mashup (as read in the title). I also wanted to touch on how I would feel if I were a musician and someone made a remix of my music. I’d be pissed. Sure it’s impressive and all but if someone took my hard work, my masterpiece, and just changed it around to “send the message” that fits them better. I’d tell them to screw off and make their own music! Okay, maybe I’m being kind of picky. Whatever, everyone is gonna write about how cool remixes are. Someone had to play devil’s advocate…

Telling a Story on the Web (2nd Attempt)

March 24th, 2011

Final Project Update #1

March 24th, 2011

I picked out a loop that i want to use for the beat of my rap that i’m doing for my final project. i used two different beats so far (one for the chorus and one for the verses) and i may add another one for a bridge if i get that far. my next step is to pick some loops for a simple melody to make the song catchy and for continuity. i want this to sound like an early 90’s rap song. i love how cheesy they sound between the simple computer generated beats in addition to the extremely simple lyrics. great for making a catchy informational rap like i am.

Telling Stories on the Web

March 23rd, 2011

ds106 Final Project

March 15th, 2011

ok, so i’ve been doing quite a bit of brainstorming over the past couple weeks about what i want to do for my final project. I think that my favorite portion of the class was the audio segment. i’m really into music (who isn’t!?) so i thought i should record a song. i decided that to make a ds106 rap song (exact title still on the way..) that will touch on every topic of the class and maybe poke a little fun at the subject. i’m going to make all the music by downloading loops and recording my own voice rapping lyrics that i will write on my own. i had no idea what ds106 was going to be like when i signed up. i’m glad i took it of course but i’m making this rap for any future student who is considering taking this class (hopefully it will encourage them to sign up!). I will keep everyone updated on my blog as to the progress i’m making. good luck to everyone else on your final projects!


My Short Sound Effects Story

February 21st, 2011

hey everybody, since a picture is supposedly worth 1000 words i didn’t find it too hard to create a story using photographs. however, how many words is a sound worth? i would assume not as many because i had a lot more difficulty trying to create a story using strictly sound effects. check it out though and let me know what ya think!

Making Myself at Home

My Favorite Post (By Me)

February 19th, 2011

looking back on the daily shoot assignments one picture keeps coming to mind as my best photograph. bare in mind i don’t own a camera so all my photographs are done with my webcam. well, hope you enjoy it anyway!


My Favorite Posts (By Others)

February 19th, 2011

With the visaul and design portion of the class wrapping up here are some of my favorite photographs i saw that were turned in for the daily shoot! beautiful work, everyone!

Photo 1 from:

Photo 2 by, colin.maximized
Photo 3 by, eschmieg

Design Assignment: The Big Caption

February 11th, 2011

For my Design Assignment I decided to do “The Big Caption” assignment by, Tim Owens. I found this picture on the website that was given ( Do you like the caption I made for it?